Learning to Love This More – Mentorship for the New Teaching Artist

Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein

TA and arts educator Amanda Lichtenstein examines the Urban Gateways model of PD mentorship and reveals a range of insights on how we can effectively develop the skills of new TA’s.

Year after year, we all return to this work with different needs and perspectives. Of all the training and development available for artists, the least attention is currently paid to artists working in schools, prisons, parks, and community centers. This is a call for arts organizations and centers to more seriously consider multi-tiered, life-long professional development of teaching artists in all contexts. Every time we create opportunities for reflection, we are inventing the field and are hopefully addressing the status quo, disrupting it through practices rooted in artistic process and collaborative brilliance.

Are we really learning to love this work & world more? What can this work look like if we decide to put our collective energy into participating actively in our collective development as artists and educators? In the spirit of Miranda July and the idea of participation with the everyday, what are the seductive and productive assignments we can offer one another to provoke new thinking and feeling about this work? [Full article in TAJ 7(3)]

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