TAJ Issue 9(2)

In this Issue:

  • Malke Rosenfeld on organic connections between dance and math.
  • Terry Barrett on experiencing art with the ill, the elderly, and their caregivers.
  • Milta Ortiz on immigrant identity and the teaching of writing. Howard Martin Katzoff on New York City’s Guerrilla TA’s.

Alt/Space edited by Laura Reeder: Beluga whale at Kitty Hawk, “Where’s the Computer,” and many more gripping tales, reports and voices from TA’s in the field. Research Review edited by Dan Serig: A critical review of Art and Artistic Research and its implications for teaching artists. Resource Exchange edited by Becca Barniskis: The Design Team discusses two resources about race and ethnicity in the classroom and gains some vital insights for TA’s…and more!

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