Teaching Artist Town Hall in Chicago, Minneapolis and Scotland

Here are pictures from tonight’s Teaching Artist Town Hall, hosted by Columbia College Chicago and facilitated by Becca Barniskis and Nick Jaffe from the TAJ editorial board. The town hall was a lively discussion (via Skype) between over 50 teaching artists from in Chicago, a group in Minneapolis, led by Barbara Cox of the Perpich Center for Arts Education, and Diarmuid McAuliffe, of the University of the West of Scotland.

The town hall started with a talk onthe nature of art and community; then the group watched and discussed a video from local student artist Leche Fair. Teaching artist Daniel Shea and Corrine Rose of Columbia’s Museum of Contemporary Photography also spoke and gave more insight on Leche’s work, as she could not attend.

There was even some Twitter backchannel discussion taking place under the hashtag #teachingartist.

If you attended the town hall we’d love to hear your thoughts and encouraqe you to continue the discussion started at tonight’s event!

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