TAJ Issue 9(3) – July, 2011

In this Issue:

  • Ryan Conarro on teaching artist work and cultural context in rural Alaska.
  • Courtney Lee Weida on the idea and reality of “home” and art making/teaching/learning.
  • Judith Tannenbaum’s outline history of the teaching artist field.
  • Anne Thulson on students reclaiming their school surroundings through art making.

Alt/space edited by Laura Reeder: anti-immigrant racism in Tuscon, El Sistema comes to L.A., and many more gripping tales, reports and voices from TA’s in the field.
Research Review edited by Dan Serig: Material Culture and Literacy in Arts Education
Resource Exchange edited by Becca Barniskis: A panel of Minnesota TA’s addresses some big questions, and raises others…and more!