Welcome to ALT/space, the online project of the Teaching Artist Journal!

In ALT/space artist-teachers and teacher-artists from around the United States and the world bring you stories of their work at the crossroads of art and learning.

These stories are born inside the practice of teaching and art making in all artistic and expressive mediums: visual arts, dance, traditional arts, outsider art, music, theater, storytelling, writing and…? There is room here for the broadest definition of art.

These are stories of the work and collaboration that is happening between teaching artists and all ages of learners in schools, communities and prisons, to the north, south, east and west of where you are right now. There is also room here for the broadest definition of where art can happen.

These are stories of doing, making, thinking, resolving, expanding, learning and expressing. These are stories that share celebrations and dismay, struggle and success, or simply a moment in time.

Through these stories we hope to define our field as expansively as possible. At the same time, we are hoping to create a venue for conversations about teaching artist practice that are both broad and deep. We hope you will participate by responding to posts, asking questions, or sharing your own thoughts and experiences by becoming a contributing writer.

You can read hundreds of stories of teaching artist practice at


2 thoughts on “ALT/space

  1. Greetings:

    This is just a short note to say that I received notice of your new, “www.tajaltspace,” in a recent issue of ATA (online) newsletter. But when I clicked on it, my browser gave me a “…cannot find,” message. Any suggestions?

    Alex Simmons

    • Hi Alex.

      Sorry for the slow response. Apparently tumblr had some server problems around the time we launched. Hope you’ve been reading it since.

      Nick Jaffe
      Chief Editor, TAJ

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