Editorial Board

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For more information about TAJ, including information about the journal’s submission guidelines and its online articles, visit TAJournal.com. The journal’s online initiative, ALT/space, a curated blog written by teaching artist correspondents from around the world, can be found at: TAJALTspace.com.

Subscription information, sample copies of the journal, and single article downloads are available at: tandfonline.com/toc/htaj20/current. The journal also has a lively and informative Facebook page. If you have questions about the Teaching Artist Journal, please contact Nick Jaffe, Chief Editor, atTAJournal@colum.edu, or 773.793.4643.

TAJ Editorial Team
Chief Editor – Nick Jaffe (musician, teaching artist, curriculum designer)
Resource Exchange Editor – Becca Barniskis (poet, teaching artist, curriculum designer)
ALT/space Editor – Malke Rosenfeld (dancer, choreographer, teaching artist, consultant)
Four Questions Editor – Amara Hark Weber (artist, teaching artist, designer)
Emerging Media/Web Editor – Keidra Chaney (web consultant, emerging media specialist, writer)
Associate Editor – Mimi Herman (independent teaching artist, writer)
Associate Editor – Mike Wiley (theatre artist, teaching artist)
Founding Editor – Eric Booth
Consulting Editor – Nick Rabkin


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